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    Cannot paste text into After Effects CS4

    Delmar Penner

      Hi there,

      I've searched all over and I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious; but how do you copy and paste text from one program into an active text box in AE CS4?

      I'm adding credits to a video and I need to put down some copyright info - and I want to copy and paste all the details so I don't need to type it all.

      But I can work around that - I can just type it. However, I want to copy the © symbol in - and this is what happens.


      I open character map, search for "copy" and select this "©" and click on copy, jump into ae, go into an active text box with cursor blinking, and Cntr+V for paste and boom! - there I have a whole phrase jump in - which was whatever I last copied from AE text box -- NOT what I just copied from character map.


      But then I come over here to the forums and without copying that symbol again, I just hit paste and it pastes it right in here.


      It acts the same way with other text, from browser, from photoshop (active text box - copy selected text).


      I would assume there's a way to copy and paste, but what am I missing?