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    30P to 24P audio problem

    Jef Gibbons

      Hi all,

      quick question that I cannot ind an answer to: I shot at 30, and I want to slow it down to 24 for a slight slow mo look, I right click the file in PP, interpret footage-23.98 then try playing it in the source monitor, it looks and sounds great (albeit audio that sounds like Barry White) Once I drag it into the Sequence which is at 23.976, the video looks the same, but the audio is early by several seconds (still Barry Whitish, but very off)


      Any ideas?  I need the slow audio synced in the final output so I can re-do the vocals and match to the slowed down mouth movements.


      I'm on a Mac 2008 8 core, Snow Leopard, 12 GB RAM, etc.