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    DVD Menu Items Overlapping?

    drmz2004 Level 1

      Trying to build some DVD Menus, using one of the stock templates in Elements 8. I make minor changes to the text font and size on the Main Menu page and go to preview and get a warning saying some of the menu items are overlapping and to resize or move elements, but even if I made no changes there are text boxes in the template that overlap a background element (a number graphic that looks like a countdown #3) and you can't delete the background element so I'm at a loss. I tried burning a disc anyway, and the program pushed my main title way off to the right.


      Any ideas?

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          DurbsLad Level 1

          If you click on a menu item, you get a box showing its dimensions.  If you have overlapping items, I have the feeling the handles are red - I do my menus with Sony DVD Architect Studio, so I'm a bit rust on this (sorry), although one tends to have exactly the same problem, of course.  To get rid of the overlap, you need to reduce the amount of text or the font size, or add line breaks (either shift-Enter or control-Enter) to make the text narrower but taller - but be careful of the row of objects below, of course.  You can also try moving the menu items around, although that can make things a bit messy.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As you have found out, no Button elements can overlap, or the navigation cannot happen. A Button is defined by a rectangle that extends around the largest element and all others, in the Button, and then about 3 pixels of padding.


            When you changed the fonts, etc., you caused the Buttons to overlap. Clean up that overlap, and all will be good.


            Good luck,




            PS - in the Menu Editing Panel, you can see the Bounding Box for each Button, when you click on it. Unfortunately, unless it's changed, PrE does not all you to Select all Buttons at one time to see each one's Bounding Box.

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              drmz2004 Level 1

              I assume the boundary's of the buttons (Play Movie, and Scene Menu) are the white bounding boxes around the buttons themselves. Once I changed the font, I made sure that boundary didn't overlap any of the button boundary's and the buttoms themselveds did not overlap each other. The only thing overlapping was the text box (the title of the DVD) - as it overlaps the graphic of the countdown "3" which cannot be deleted - but it's odd because on the unchanged template itself, the title box overlaps this graphic too and is not part of the navigation system, it's just a graphic element that makes up the background image.


              I'll take a look at it again I suppose, but in the meantime I found a template I could work with that didn't have this added graphic on a lower layer which I believe is causing the problem.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Remember, no element in a Button, can overlap any other Button. So long as an element is part of that Button's structure, it must be clear of ALL other Buttons. There is no way around that.


                This will show you the Bounding Box of a Button, that is clear of other Buttons:


                You will just have to resize your Button elements, so that they clear all other Buttons.


                Good luck,



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                  WebBubba Level 1

                  If PE has identified that menu items are overlapping, it should at least indicate which ones are overlapping.  Since you can't see the other boxes until you select them, you have to click on each and remember where they start and end.  Lazy programming on Adobe's part. Even providing details as text telling which menu page is involved would be better. (Don't tell me this can't be done.  Many other programs do similar things).

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Unfortunately, PrE does not allow one to Select All Buttons, like Adobe Encore did. That would be a nice addition, I agree.


                    For years, I campaigned for a real "Pre-Flight" test in Encore, like one has with document Export from programs, such as InDesign. Encore had a limited test, but it did not take everything into consideration.


                    As Encore is now history, I would still love to see a full Pre-Flight test included in PrE, as well as the incorporation of that Select All (Ctrl+A), for Buttons on a Scene Menu.


                    I agree that things could be better. The Menu designers allow quite a bit of "room" around Buttons, but its certainly possible to overlap Buttons, if one makes too many changes.


                    Good point,



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      I am not clear where you are coming from on this one.


                      I will generalize for now since I am not sure what version of Premiere Elements you are looking out...


                      Using Premiere Elements 10 Windows to demonstrate the point about overlapping disc menu objects...



                      I see amble warning of object overlap that I can correct with the disc menu customization area. And, if I decide to proceed in spite of that and go to Preview, another warning message re-enforces the existing object overlap situation.


                      Just how many scene menu pages do you typically deal with? Menu markers are limited to 25 for the Timeline content. The restriction applies to number of markers and not number of disc menu pages.


                      I am not seeing the hangup in identifing the object overlap and correcting it before exiting Disc Menu section of the program. Select All Buttons seems a non issue from my point of view since you can clearing see which ones are overlapping.



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                        WebBubba Level 1

                        I'm using PE 11 on Mac.  I have the scenes automatically generated from menu items on the timeline.  I don't see a warning message until I try to create a disc or hit Preview.  On the individual menu page, I do not see the ability to select multiple items to show the overlap as in your picture.  If I select a 2nd one, it unselects the first.  There is no select all buttons command under any of the pull-down menus, and none of the keyboard combinations I tried do this (e.g. command or cntl A).


                        Furthermore, the warning message gives no indication of what menu page is the problem. On my current project, I have five scene menus plus the main menu.  It is an hour of a band's performance with each song marked as a scene.


                        Maybe the Windows version is different or Version 11 changed things. But it still seems to me that if PE has the information to know to issue the warning message, it has the information on, at least, which menu page(s) is at fault.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          If you open a Menu, with overlapping Buttons in PrE, do you not get the warning that ATR posted?


                          As the Scene Selection Menus are auto-generated by PrE, you should only have to open one of those.  As there will be only one Main Menu, you would need to open that one separately.


                          As for the Select All, if there is such a function in PrE, I have never found that. In Adobe Encore (now abandoned), that Select All (Ctrl+A on the PC) WILL Select every Button, showing their Bounding Boxes, where it is clear, when there is an overlap.


                          The inability to have any overlap, even by 1 pxl. is not an Adobe limitation, but one from the DVD/BD specs.


                          Good luck,