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    flex spring security



      I need to know permision based security framwork called chimp in flex.I am using spring in backend.Any ideas?

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          you can use spring security as your server side security framwork. In spring there are two way security

          1. URL blocking
          2. method level security


          As you know Chimp is a permision based security framwork.

          and you can mention the


          you can decelare the activities for paticular role as follows

              <!--Meta Data here-->
                  [Protected(permissions="user",notInPermissionAction="removeFromLayout",componentId="btnFi nd")]


          you can load chimp security as follows


          do this initialy

                      private function create():void {
                          //load the chimp
                           var perms:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
                          perms.addItem("user");//load role


          do this when role change add/remove/override

                      private function addPerm(event:Event):void {
                      private function removePerm(event:Event):void {
                      private function overwritePerms(event:Event):void {
                          var perms:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();



          For spring security use the link





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            snkd Level 1

            ok i missed one thing


            [Protected(permissions="admin",inPermissionAction="visible",component Id="btnAdd")]


            permissions-admin mean your role

            inPermissionAction- mean if that role has permision the what ?

            notInPermissionAction- mean if that role dont has permision the what ?

            component Id -mean what is the component you gonna restrict,simple give the id as string variable



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              snkd Level 1

              and you cando the following actions in chimp


              Possible actions as inPermissionAction/notInPermissionAction:

            • removeChild: Removes the component completely, by calling ‘comp.parent.removeChild()”
            • removeFromLayout: Use the includeInLayout property to remove components
            • invisible: Sets the comp.visible property to false
            • visable: Sets the comp.visible property to true
            • disable: Sets the comp.enable property to false
            • enable: Sets the comp.enable property to true
            • reference from http://code.google.com/p/flexible-chimp/