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    reader X, a step backward?


      up to adobe reader v9.0, almost everything worked straight out of the box (at least on 32 bit windows). You got PDF thumbnails, pure text extraction (for desktop search) and you could open PDFs in internet explorer.


      With the latest reader 10 (X) the only thing that works is thumbnails. The IFilter dll is missing so there's no text search in PDFs, and trying to open a PDF in internet explorer results in a blank page.


      are these known issues and is there a workaround?



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          I went back to Version 9.3 and all is working now. I was having nothing but printing problems with version X.

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            My experience exactly.  I've uninstalled reader X, and the earlier version is working well.  Now my problem is Reader X keeps popping up requesting an install.

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              plcguys Level 1

              I am running XP. I did an uninstall first. Then loaded version 9.3. There is a windows

              uninstaller you can load to erase the X version install stuff. Go on line and do

              a search. Someone in this post actually posted the website but I can not find that.

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                MarkAtChurch Level 1

                Thanks.  I also did an uninstall, but downloaded 9.4.0; it seems to be

                working fine (however, I've just noticed that X is wanting to download

                again.  I have to "close Adobe Reader Updater" - it can't take no for an


                Have a good day!



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                  Justin O'Dea

                  Yes Reader X officially sucks... I was only keeping it around for the browser plugin, but it is turning out to be buggy. I'm thinking I'm just going to uninstall until they realize what a step backward it was and hopefully revamp it- It's getting some pretty bad reviews. For now I'm sticking to v 9.4.0- this was the best version yet (9.4.5 has a problem with search terms not being highlighted).