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    Polygon limit in Director


      Hi there.


      I'm exploring the 3D features of Director. I would like to know the maximum polygon/triangle count that Director can handle. I have a model that has approximately 105000 polygons. I have previously used this model in Viewpoint Enliven and have considerable success there and now trying to replicate that using Director.


      Can Director handle such high poly count? Also can I have interactive features using such(heavy) models?


      Thanks and Regards,

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          Dee McDee Level 2

          There is no set limit for the number of polygons, but as the polygon count increases, more powerful hardware is required to run the movie smoothly.


          With a polygon count of over 100,000, I would say that is unlikely that a cheap laptop with integrated graphics could play your movie smoothly, but a desktop system with a Nvidia Fermi graphics card would have no problem.

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            Shockwave3D is not really good at handling large amounts of polygons. Having 105000 Polygons is quite a large number and will not render at very high framerates. The Shockwave3D engine scales a lot with the hardware that is available. Poor hardware leads to poor performance.


            Important is not the total polycount of the scene. It is a combination of different factors like:


            - how many models are in front of the camera

            - how many shaders are used

            - how many textures are used

            - few models with many polygons perform better then many models with few polygons



            The there it all depends a lot on what sort of thing you want to do. If it is just a single model with 105000 polygons, then it could work out well.




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              RamjiKarma Level 1

              Hi There


              @ Dee McDee and lw, thanks for your answers. I was looking out for these kind of solutions.


              My scene is a model of a machinery that has many parts and sub parts and a lot of bitmap textures (the requirement was that way). So looks like its going to be a tough time viewing this scene across machines of different configurations. This same scene is displayed with relative ease by Viewpoint player.


              I will try optimizing the model.


              Thanks again.. :-)



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                Owen Buddenbaum

                Theorically, if the camera doesn't walkthrough inside the scene, the number of triangles is not the problem in sw3d engine. it depends on the video card.


                The 2 problems in sw3d are


                - the number of models: shockwave makes a bruteforce z-order test between models.

                - the number of meshes (sub-models with different shaders): for each model/shader combination, shockwave 3d recalls all the rendering api


                Shockwave is supposed to display a small number of models and a small number of sub-models


                So you gotta "remaster" your scene to optimize it for shockwave:

                - merge as many models you can (if models a b c d e f... are static, merge them. if models g h i j k... are parts of a piece which can move, merge them...)

                - merge textures on a large tileset. use a different material only if the rendering effect is different (transparent/opaque/shiny...)