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    extraneous gridline in chart

      I'm using ActionScript (in Flex Builder 2) to add BarChart and ColumnChart components to my UI at runtime.

      If I set the chart's GridLines.styleName to a value in an .css file, an extraneous line (a gridline ?) shows up in the chart. If I use GridLines.setStyle, the line doesn't show up. Sample code:

      var _columnChart:ColumnChart;
      _columnChart = new ColumnChart();
      var gridLines:GridLines = new GridLines();
      gridLines.styleName = "horizontalGridLines";
      /*gridLines.setStyle("direction", "horizontal");
      gridLines.setStyle("horizontalFill", 0x696969);
      gridLines.setStyle("horizontalAlternateFill", 0x696969);*/
      _columnChart.backgroundElements = [gridLines];

      The extra line seems to always show up as a horizontal line near the bottom of a BarChart (coming out of the first bar). For the ColumnChart I have where it shows up, it's a vertical line between the two columns on the chart.

      Is this a bug in Flex 2 with GridLines ? Is there a workaround if I want to use external styles (e.g. for skinning the entire app) ?