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    Help in resolving publishing/running issue to Host Server

    mother goosey



      I would be really grateful if anyone can help me to resolve why I can't run my Flash Catalyst pubished web files from my host server on the www.  When I try and access the domain name in a web brower all I get is a heading of INDEX and a whole list of files which are accessible as the separate elements of the website.


      I created the site in FC and used the publish to SWF/AIR option within the application.  I have tried copying the files over within the folders created by the publish facility to the public_html folder. I have also tried copying all the files within the various folders into the root directory of the public_html folder.


      I have no coding experience and used Flash Catalyst because it enables a novice to create a basic site and, I believed, publish it to the web.  Have I missed something?


      I have gone round and round in circles and and now out of ideas.


      Many thanks


      Julie Couch