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    Director's Future - Live Chat with Adobe

    Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

      Hi all,

      I haven’t posted here in a while : )


      I’ve been speaking to Krishnan from the Adobe Director team. He is keen to have an open discussion about Director, it future and expectations of the community. This will be a live discussion where any question can be put on the table. Don’t know how detailed the answers will be. However, it will be an opportunity for anyone interested to speak directly to the key engineers and product management team for Adobe Director.


      I have long petitioned for Adobe to engage with the community more and be more open with what they are doing. I encourage everyone to be part of this discussion to show that you believe this to be true as well.


      Krishnan has just got back from GDC and will be speaking with people at his end to organise a time for this meeting. If anyone wants to suggest a good way of voting for the most convenient time, let me know. For now, watch this space and I will post updates.