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    A problem with publish service icon


      I have a problem with a LR plugin I'm working on.


      My plugin is a common publish service. The code is VERY similar to the flickr plugin.


      My  problem is with publish service icon. No matter what do I do, the icon  is missing (in LR). I have set the publishServiceProvider.small_icon  property to the name of my icon file. The file is present in the same  folder, as the rest of the plugin files.


      At first, I  thought that perhaps something is wrong with the image. But when I tried  to use the same icon for the flickr plugin, everything was ok. So the  image is in correct format.


      What can be the cause of my problem?


      BTW, I use LR 3.2 and 3.3, if it's important.


      (I've already started similar discussion here http://forums.adobe.com/thread/802764?tstart=0

      but I was suggested to try on this forum.)

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          clvrmnky Level 4

          I ran into problems when adding resources to a plugin. I had to restart Lr when adding any resources, at least on a Mac.  It appears to be a known issue of some kind.


          I'd also check file permissions and double-check the filenames being used, both on the filesystem in the plugin and in your publish definition.

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            I had the same problem: branding image file small_yag.png not found. Restarting lightroom did the job, now everything works fine.


            Some keywords: publishServiceProvider.small_icon = 'small_yag.png'

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              areohbee Level 6

              I've never *noticed* a problem with icon resources, not that I would have, but I have noticed the problem with other plugin files, on Mac. Its almost as if Lightroom takes a snapshot of what's there then ignores new stuff when you reload the plugin.


              e.g. ExifMeta re-writes the metadata definition module. On Windows, simply reloading the plugin incorporates the newly re-written module, whereas on Mac, Lightroom must be restarted for it to be incorporated. Perhaps these issues are related.