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    GetURL:: works for all but my client!

      I have a two buttons at the end of a movie that should go to next page when clicked. Works great for me on PC with XP or Vista and IE 6 & 7, FF 2 and Netscape 7. Works on Mac OS 10.2 with Safari. Works on my friend's Mac with OS 10.3.9 and IE 5.2. Does not work for my client who has a similar set up to my friend. Works for her with Safari but not with IE 5.2. The button that has animation animates but goes nowhere for her.

      Link to page: http://sandeegibsonphoto.com/

      I am using an absolute path. Load Movie from preloader was used to get to that main SWF if that makes a difference.
      Also can't find an old version, like Flash 7 to put on my Mac with IE 5.2 so I can't test here. Flash Player 9 does not support IE for the Mac.

      Thanks if anyone can help me.