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    Components not showing up in Flash CS5

    greengnu Level 1

      What's the correct way to install components in Flash CS3?


      first I tried to install the NewGrounds Ad component for AS 3.0 which delivers as an .xmp file. I doubleclicked it and in the Extension Manager it's listed as active under Flash CS5. I restarted flash, but the component does not show up in the components list.


      I then tried to install the minimal components from http://minimalcomps.com/ which are delivered as an SWC. I went to the ActionScript 3.0 settings in flash, went to the "library path" tab and clicked browse to swc to select the SWC file. but these components don't show up in the components list either.



      So what am I doing wrong?




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          Skoolbus777 Level 1

          1. Go to HELP > MANAGE EXTENSIONS

          2. Choose Flash
          3. Choose FILE > "Install Extension"

          4. Install xxx.mxp from below locations one of them (you may need to show system folders on Windows to see).

          5. I checked these folders on my machine but they were empty,,, but I already have components installed.



          C:\Users\userName\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS4\en\Configuration
          if u can't find it try to go to the below path:
          C:\Users\userName\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS4\ar\Configuration
          and copy all files existing in this folder to:
          C:\Users\userName\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS4\en\Configuration

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            greengnu Level 1

            yeah that was the problem. Extension manager copied the Components to the german appData folder although i'm using english version of CS5. After copying the folder from the german to the english folder, it worked.

            What a sorry bug!


            thanks for the help!