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    Imported AE Composition (dynamic link) and some Text doesn't show up in Premiere (CS4)

    Delmar Penner Level 1

      I have an AE comp that I made with a few credits a couple weeks ago that was 20 seconds long. Now I come back to edit it - made it 52 seconds long (Comp settings changed), I increased the length of each text box to show up a little longer; then I also copy&paste a text layer and put it in between the 2nd to last and the last text layer.

      Then I go and copy&paste about five layers more that all go behind what I had before - in my AE comp I also put them on top of the others. I edited all the copied text layers and type in all that good stuff.

      I have an animated background with text on top of that. The background is precomposed and then all the text layers are in the final composition.


      When I go to Premiere I see *some* of the changes right away.


      When I go to premiere now to watch it, all changes apply up to the last text layer that I had from a couple weeks ago - including all the changes made to those layers like length, font and size, as well as the text layer I put between the last and 2nd to last layer.

      But that's it - once the last layer from before is played, no more text layers show up, but the background still plays perfectly fine, just like it should.


      In AE it all plays good and looks great.


      What am I doing wrong? How can it show in AE but not in Premiere - if the background shows?

      I went to AE and soloed one of the latter text layers to see what it would do in PPro and it hid the background alright but the text still didn't show up in PPro but did in AE.

      Font is all the same - Adobe Caslon Pro



      My system:

      Windows 7 Pro (64-bit)

      Intel i7 X980 3.33GHz

      750 GB system drive

      2TB Media drive

      12 GB Memory

      GeForce GTX 470


      Running Adobe Production Premium CS4

      AE version

      PPro version 4.2.1



      Any insight would be appreciated!