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    PE1 projects do not render in PE9

    Stanof Yorks

      I have video projects created and part completed with PE1 on my previous PC (using Windows XP).  I now have a new PC with Windows 7 - 64bit, and have installed PE9.  I have no problems so far with new video projects captured into PE9.  However, when opening existing projects (by clicking on the ".prel" file) that were created with PE1, rendering seems to have no effect.  For example, in a project 15 minutes long there is a red line along the full length over the images in the timeline; I set the [ and ] brackets to each end of the red line and start to render.  It takes time and seems to be working, but on completion the the red line remains - it does not turn green.


      The camcorder is a Canon MV650i (rather elderly now, like me, but still going).  The PC has an Intel i5 760, 2.80GHz processor; NVidia GeForce GTX 465 graphics card and 4.00GB RAM.


      Clearly there is something that I should have done but haven't.  What have I missed?  Any ideas please?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, there is often forward compatibility, between versions, though not always. PrE 1 is 7 years removed from PrE9, so it could just be that the Projects will not work.


          Or, it could be something like Instant Movies/Themes, Transitions and/or Effects that are not in PrE 9.


          You might be better off Exporting from PrE1, and then Importing those AV files into PrE 9.


          Good luck,