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    Linking Browse Sequences

    Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I thought I had the concept of browse sequences fairly well understood (like what they do, how to create them, how to have topics appear in multiple sequences, etc.) but I'm finding that I must be missing something when I try to link several browse sequences together.


      Here's the situation I want to achieve:

      Sequence 1 = Topic A -> Topic B -> Topic C
      Sequence 2 = Topic C -> Topic D -> Topic E
      I didn't think this would pose a problem because Topic C (the one that belongs to both sequences and makes the link) would "know" that its Previous topic would be Topic B and its Next topic would be Topic D. But this doesn't seem to work when I generate my AIRHelp.
      My reasoning for trying to set it up this way was that users could "run" a smaller sequence starting at the "link" topic instead of having to find the start of the sequence with Topic A. Maybe I just need to build one big sequence instead?
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          Mayank Agrawal Level 2

          Hi Jeff, I am sure you would have verfied this, but still can you please confirm if you have selected both the browse sequences in the Adobe AIR SSL dialog (Content Categories->Content->Browse Sequence) ?

          If yes, then it would be great if you could elaborate on what exact issue are you facing. Do you see only one of the sequence or none of the sequence or is there any other issue?

          In general, its perfectly fine to create such a sequence and it should work fine.



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            M_Jha Level 1



            Browse Sequences in RoboHelp may behave differently if multiple sequences that you are using have same topic in sequence, which is the case in your sequence since the same Topic, Topic C is used in both sequences. Such a sequence will work fine for going forward, but while coming backward it cannot take a decision whether the sequence has ended or it should move to some other sequence.


            Hence it is suggested to create different sequences for different flows and not use same topic in these sequences.


            Hope this helps

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional



              Would Rick's old method of using a redirect in one of the sequences work?


              If it's a rubbish idea, my body is telling me it is 09.40 and the clock is telling me it is 01.40. Just love jet lag.


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                Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                @Peter - I haven't had a chance to try it - it may work.


                @Mayank - Yes, I remembered to include them in the SSL (but as I add new ones, I keep forgetting to enable them ;>). I should have been clearer in what results I was getting. The first sequence advances through fine all the way to Topic C, but then it stops. It doesn't seem to realize that it belongs to sequence 2 also. In fact, it completely fails to advance at all into sequence 2; however, it can move back in sequence 1 to Topic B no problem. If I jump into sequence 2 at Topic D, the previous arrow moves correctly to Topic C (but again, can't move forward at that point) & the forward arrow moves to Topic E fine.


                @M_Jha - I have a suspicion that the topic "remembers" only what sequence it belongs to (and it only has room for one). If the topic knew its sequence and what its forward/back topics were, then I think my linking scheme would work. For now I'll stick to unlinked sequences, but if I have enough time may try Rick's IFRAME trick.

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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                  Unless you have lots of instances of this, why not make the topic a snippet? Then you would have two identical topics to view and just one to maintain.


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