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    Inporting SWF and FLV not working



      I imported a video flv file on the begining index page and one swf file (slide show) on the following state. when I exported my project, it does not show the video on Deploy-to-Web folder main.html and swf slide show on Run-Local. If I have one swf in entire project, exporting is fine. I tried inporting two swfs(one on index page and one on about page), but there is a problem. First, it appears look fine; browsing to other links.. fine, switch to pages... fine, then back to index page, my swf slide show becoming half size squeezed vertically and tried to refresh and it doesn't help to get normal size. Please someone tell what do I need to fix and what else I missed. Thanks inadvanced.



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          Hi. I'm pretty new at this, so not sure if i'll be much help. With the video, did you have autoplay selected? or an interaction to make it operate? If you put up something that doesn't operate, it won't be built.


          With the slide do you have a sneaky move or resize in one of the transition timelines. probably in page2=> index.


          Dunno if thats any use. Good luck