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    Create a .avi from JPG


      Hi all,


      i'm a newbie about run Photoshop command through VB script and I'm trouble about to create a .avi file from a jpg file.


      this is a part of my code ......


      appTemplate = New Application
              appTemplate.Visible = True
              appTemplate.DisplayDialogs = PsDialogModes.psDisplayNoDialogs
              appTemplate.PlaybackDisplayDialogs = PsDialogModes.psDisplayNoDialogs
              appTemplate.Preferences.RulerUnits = PsUnits.psPixels


              'load fake image for test
              FMVFiles(0) = "C:\templateCS5\FMV_LAYOUT.jpg"
              FMVFiles(1) = "C:\templateCS5\800440_fmv.jpg"


              'jpg options for save
              Dim jpgSaveOptions = CreateObject("Photoshop.JPEGSaveOptions")
              jpgSaveOptions.EmbedColorProfile = IIf(UCase(pConfig.EmbColorProfile) = "TRUE", True, False)  'true
              jpgSaveOptions.FormatOptions = pConfig.FormatOptions '1 for psStandardBaseline
              jpgSaveOptions.Matte = pConfig.FormatMatte '1 for psNoMatte
              jpgSaveOptions.Quality = 12


             'open image in Photoshop CS5

              currentFMV = appTemplate.Open(FMVFiles(0))
              currentPRD = appTemplate.Open(FMVFiles(1))



              currentPRD.ResizeImage(800, 800, , )



              ' currentFMV.SaveAs("C:\templateCS5\test.jpg, jpgSaveOptions, , 2)




              currentFMV.ActiveLayer.translate(220, -84)




              currentFMV.ActiveLayer.AdjustLevels(0, 255, 1.0, 16, 231)




      'duplicate layer in order to be able to make an Export->RenderVideo



              'to be insert render video command'

              'Here Missing vb code to export to .avi file with Video render options!!!!!





      Thanks in advance for any help.