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    Dynamic objects

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      Hallo. I have created 2 objects: myObjectOne and myObjectTwo. Now I have an object which can use only 1 of those 2 objects depending from a variable in setData. if this var which is named objectType is "One", i will create the first object. if this var is "Two", i will create the second object.


      What i want to do is:


      var myObject:myObjectOne = new myObjectOne();   // but only if objectType= "One", so i tried:


      var myObject:myObject[objectType] = new myObject[objectType]();    // but this doesn't work


      What i want to do is to replace One in the word myObjectOne with my var (objectType) but i don't know how to do it.


      I hope you understood.





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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

          Why don't you just make the objects and pass them to a function.  Observe...


          private function useDifferentObjects( object:Object ):void


            if( object is InstanceOfObjectOne )









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            Nuwan,Chamara Level 1



            I think instead of replacing the "objectType" property, you can delete that property using

            delete keyword and then add the new property "One" to the object.


            if(objectType == "One"){

                 var myObject:myObjectOne = new myObjectOne(); 

                 var objectTypePropVal:Object = myObject["objectType"];

                 delete myObject.objectType;

                 myObject["One"] = myObject["objectTypePropVal"];