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    Unique Image/MC Resize Help Needed

      Hi, I'm trying to achieve an effect, I'm hoping someone can help me with.
      I want an image to fill the entire screen of a browser window & automatically resize to fill the window area no matter the size of the browser; here is the exact effect I'm looking for: http://www.thewreckers.com/
      You'll notice that if you resize the browser window on the x axis, the image gets smaller, but if you resize on the y axis, the image
      stays the current size and only moves up and down, keeping the blonde singer's eyes centered on the page.

      I'm not a scripter, so exact syntax or even better, a sample FLA would be amazing!
      The only complaint I have about the sample is on Safari, the browser scroll bars show up.
      Also, how can I lock objects to the corners like the URL example?
      Thanks in advance for any solutions you might have.
      P.S. I'm using Flash 8, not CS3