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    Trying to render is crashing not only the software, but my entire computer!

    Obracken Level 1



      I do a weekly webshow that I've been making with Premiere CS5 since November. In all that time I've never had any trouble but just this past Sunday I went to render in the H264  format I always use and the bar got to around 45% before the whole thing went tits up - the computer gave me a quick blue screen of death before restarting.


      What I was able to glean from the blue screen was a suggestion that this could be due to a conflict with another piece of software. I don't install a lot of software on a regular basis, but recently I'd installed Tubeshack and - I admit - Team Fortress 2. I tried uninstalling Tubeshack and then rendering with the H264 format and the Level set to 5.0


      Lucky me, I got a full render! Thinking the problem solved, I then tried to render a smaller file with the level at 4.1 (a lot of video upload sites have stingy upload limits).


      The computer crashed again. Same blue screen. Same briefly displayed message about "HEY MAYBE THIS IS A SOFTWARE CONFLICT I DON'T KNOW MAN". I was, however, able to render a tiny (15 seconds) stretch of my video without complaint. I tried deleting render files, thinking that folder had gotten too fat, but this made no difference.


      I know my computer is up to snuff for what I'm asking of it and that those two programs I installed recently are the only changes I've made lately. I've run my anti-viral with no results and am getting a bit concerned as I have grander editing plans in the near future.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!