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    FLV & URL's not working




      I am trying to produce a tutorial DVD with a Catalyst project. If I publish the project as a "deploy-to-web" then my FLV files do not play, the just appear as a small blank player window (320x240 approx) with the player settings, file should be 800 x 450 pixels. All the URL's work without any problem. If I publish the same file as a "run-local" then the FLV files work OK but the URL's don't. I can get the URL's to work via the Adobe on-line General Settings panel etc. However, as my final DVD is destined for the general consumer market, I don't expect many users will have the technical knowledge to go into the General settings tec.


      Is  there any way that I can get the FLV files to work in the "deploy to web" mode or get the URLs to work in the "run local" mode? I am not too concerned which method I use, as long as it works for my project. Delivery will be on DVD Rom.


      Regards Vincent

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          vsoliver Level 1

          Has anyone got an answer for me - please!

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            vsoliver Level 1

            Looks like I will have to give up with Catalyst and create a HTML file and embed the videos, shame, I was begining to think Catalyst might be a good solution.

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              hey. what about an adobe air project?

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                vsoliver Level 1

                Tried that too, and it does work. However, it requires the end user to install this on their system. I just wanted a production that would run directly from a DVD ROM, the end result is for the consumer market and I just want then to insert the disk and away we go. My previous productions have all been as DVD disks playable on a set top player, but the quality of screen capture when viewed on a TV set is far from ideal. My project involves a lot of screen shot tutorials, so I want the best quality possible.

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                  Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                  You could look into taking the project into Flash Builder, and see if you can adjust some of security settings that are affecting the project. I would spend some time researching that topic first before you commit to it.


                  Chris Griffith

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                    vsoliver Level 1

                    Thanks Chris, I have moved the entire project over to Dreamweaver as I was having too many problems with Catalyist. The final straw was all the video pages started playing at once when launched. Maybe my project was too big to work effectively in Catalyist. I will try it again at a later stage with a smaller project.


                    Regards Vincent Oliver - editor of www.photo-i.co.uk

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                      Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                      Sorry to hear about the troubles. If all the video are playing, the auto-play setting has been turned on. This is a property you can toggle in the settings panel.


                      You have reached a natural limit of the scope of Flash Catalyst. Although it can get to up and building very quickly and have a sample application working to a point, it will get to a point where you are fighting with the program. FC was never designed to be the final step in the process, but a step along the way. With a project like what you described, taking it into Flash Builder and adding the functionality there would be the logical choice. But not everyone is comfortable in developing in ActionScript or in Flash Builder.


                      Good luck with the project.



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                        vsoliver Level 1



                        Thank you for  taking the time to reply. I think you are right in saying my

                        project is too  complex for FC. Never mind, it is now working OK in

                        Dreamweaver. I have had  a taste for Flash content and will explore Flash

                        professional as soon as I have  completed the entire project.


                        Many  thanks







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