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    RTMP Keep-Alive Messages


      We are creating a product involving a Flex/Flash Client intregrated with FluorineFx at the server side.  Our goal is to use RTMPT signaling to ensure compatibility with customer sites firewall settings.


      We have noticed a difference in the number of TCP keep-alive signals when configured to use RTMP (port 1935) compared to RTMPT (HTTP tunneled).   For the RTMP signaling we see keep-alive messages occurring at a rate of 1 every 10 seconds.   For the RTMPT configuration we are seeing several keep-alive messages per second.


      Reducing the number of RTMPT keep-alive signals will 1) help reduce the CPU utilization by the web server and 2) reduce negative interactions by ISA Web proxies that may limit the number of HTTP transactions.


      Any suggestions on how to reduce the frequency of keep-alives from the client would be most appreciated.