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    Problem with Adobe Reader

    Pepita de Melon

      Hi, I have started having problems when opening a PDF file.  After a minute or so I get a pop up screen saying that Adobe Reader stopped working.  Under that it says "the program stopped working correctly due to a problem.  Windows will close the program and will notify you if there is a solution".  Then I can no longer scroll through the document and I have to get out.  I never get the notification from Windows telling me what the solution is.  I have my Adobe and Flash Player updated but when I went to check all my other versions I saw that the Adobe Reader 6 I used to have is no longer there.  Could it have anything to do with that?  I looked for a version of it in the web to download it again but couldn´t find any.  I work with Windows Vista if that helps.  Can someone help?  Thanks!