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    Performance and Stability Problem with PE9


      I just upgraded my computer to a Core i5 with 8G of memory and everything is running much faster.  But my NEW PE9 just run very slow.  Some of the simple tasks take 10-30 second to complete.  Even Windows 7 will often come out to ask if I want to wait for PE9 to wake up or kill the process.  When I want to change the size of a video clip, it just doesn't work at all due to performance.  It will take PE9 20-30 seconds to resize the video clip.  Without some realtime feedback of the size, it is impossible to do the resizing and this is a very fundamental operation.  PE9 often crash or seize up as well, I didn't have any of these problem with PE3.0.  I upgraded to PE9 simply because my PE3.0 for WIndows XP is not comletely compatible with Windows 7 (some of the text displace does not show up).


      Do anyone else have issue with performance and stability?