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    BudApi question

    wgb14 Level 1
      Hi all,

      A quick question!

      Is there any way to write a RETRUN constant in a .ini file created with BudApi? I am using the standard director RETRUN constant but it writes a funny shape at the end of my phrases. Any idea what should be the correct commnds?

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          If you are running on Windows, you probably want to be writing a CRLF
          combination instead of just CR (CR == new-line character on Mac ==
          Director's RETURN string constant == numToChar(13); LF = new-line
          character on Unix-based systems == numToChar(10); CRLF == new-line
          character on Windows == numToChar(13) & numToChar(10)).
          In short, instead of adding 'RETURN', add 'RETURN & numToChar(10)'