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    Tell me again ... Why Flex / AiR ?

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      Considering the ongoing half-baked mess of Flex components, SQLite with full-text-search that Adobe choked off from the open source version and equally compromised WebKit ... Tell me again ... Why Flex / AiR ... now that HTML5 is shaping up nicely and with enough jQuery UI components ... WHY BOTHER WITH ADOBE and especially if someone is just starting major projects ?

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          pauland Level 4

          I think the real mystery is "why moan about Adobe/Air/Flex when you can be moaning, err.. coding with all that other good stuff?"

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            Ah, you must be that Adobe butt kissing consultant.


            I did not contemplate asking this question two years ago.  However, seeing how careless and irresponsible the Flex 'team' has been, this question begged being asked.


            Do you not have any arguments with any substance to convince me not to give up - after 2 years ?

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              You cannot create a desktop application like air from flex from Jquery(takes another year if you want to convert the jquery to desktop application). If you ahve to store somthing locally, you cannot do that. File system access?? easy to use xml using e4x. (unliike dom and sax with a lot of learning curve) Platform independant/browser independent unlike javascript where you have to spend hours with compatibility issues.


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                The reason really hasn't changed.  HTML 5 has a different utilization in the different browser platforms (it's up to the browser to decide how to render.)


                Flex/AIR uses the Flash runtime to guarantee consitent presentation across multiple platforms.  With the new version of the IDE and Framework available in beta, it also will publish to mobile platforms creating apps that will be consistent user experiences across multiple app OS's.


                So you get one development environment to publish your software to a great number of audiences with confidence that their experience is exactly what you designed/developed.


                I'm sorry but I don't understand the reference to half baked Flex components.  The new architecture is extending very well and also supports the old framework.  Instead of truly understanding the power of the tool, it appears your sources are a bit weak.  I've done quite a bit of work with Flex and with .NET and they work very well together.


                There is an upcoming Flex 360 conference next month in Denver. I highly encourage you to go.I don't see Flash going away anytime soon and it has recently become even more relevent with the mobile ports.


                Don't get left behind!

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                  Ask it the other way? Why HTML 5? HTML5 Canvas doesn't perform as well as Flash. I've never understood why HTML have been mashed into this UI space. It was a "markup language" for annotated text. Ya know.. for papers? And some how it's evolved into this cludged together UI experience.


                  The hate on for Flash is largely driven by the fact that it's primarily used by intrusive advertising on the internet. The phrase "don't blame the messenger" couldn't be any truer.

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                    Do you not have any arguments with any substance to convince me not to give up - after 2 years ?


                    I don't think we need deprive the HTML 5/JQuery community of your perceived wisdom.


                    The grass is always greener. It's always good to know more things. Constructive, polite criticism is always welcome, whingeing is never well received.