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    What to use instead of Starter Edition 3.2 ??


      Hi! I installed Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 3.2 when installing my camera/video camera to my new laptop, but didn't register it until given the final prompt to do so, and now can't get the unlock code with this program no-longer being in use. (I had Starter Ed. 3.2 registered and in use on my old laptop with no problems.) I see that on the menu page of this forum you suggest using Adobe Premiere Elements Trial, but seeing as this is only available for 30 days, I'm assuming this has to be paid for from then on. Is this the only alternative available? If so, how much does it cost? If I remove Starter Edition, and download Premiere Elements, will this program automatically work with my camera/video camera that Starter Edition worked with?


      Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks. :-D