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    OS X - context menu missing?

    dorich24 Level 1

      The help function suggests that if you right click on a transition you can add it to a favorites folder. However, in my case all I get is the option to make the transition a "Default".

      It appears that this function is not available in the OS X version.

      Can anyone confirm this, I'm just trying to see if I have a cockpit error and I've missed something or if the function is just missing.




      The help function refers to version 7, but since I'm asking for version 9 help I assume the help function is giving me the most relevant items at the top of the search results list.

      PrE 9.0.1



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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Dorich24,


          Its not cockpit error and I can give a little feedback on that. The favorites option you are referencing is not available for version 9 of Premiere Elements on either Windows or Mac. It was a something that changed with this release. You can save customized effect presets into the "My Presets" folder but it is for effects not transitions. I'm not sure why this feature was removed. If you check the "Adobe reference only" option when searching the Help it will limit your search results to just version 9 info. Sorry to be the one to let you know the feature is gone, but at least you know its not you.


          Hope that helps,



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            dorich24 Level 1

            @ David_B


            Thanks for the guidance.


            Also thanks for putting me straight on the "reference only". I selected "....Elements 9" in the drop menu and assumed that was the closest I could get.