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    Alert dialog shows in the wrong place

    DBarranca Level 4


      I've an extension (based on <csxs:CSXSWindowedApplication>) that opens a Window component called Info:


      public function myDoAbout():void{
           var window:Window = new Info();
           window.type = CSXSWindowType.MODAL_DIALOG;
           window.width = 400;
           window.height = 630;
           window.resizable = false;


      That's fine. Whithin this window, there's a button that launches an Alert dialog:


      Alert.show("Message in a bottle", "Extension Alert Title", Alert.OK, Sprite(mx.core.Application.application));


      The problem is that the Alert dialog shows not within that window, but inside the (parent) extension.

      What's the correct syntax for the optional but mandatory fourth parameter in the Alert.show() to make the dialog shows in the correct place?