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    Error #2032


      I just built my first flex application. It retrieves XML from a web service via HTTPService and displays it. The data streams great when I view it on my local machine [using localhost or the static ip], but when I try to access the application from another computer I get:


      "Error #2032"


      It's clearly not a URL error since it works fine on the local machine and I have some reason to believe that it's not a crossdomain.xml problem.


      The streaming data can be viewed on the remote machine just fine, but not when it's interpreted by the application.


      Here's hoping I did something trivial and dumb... any thoughts?

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          saisri2k2 Level 4

          Plese check the xml that you are sending from the server. copy it into a word file save it in .xml extension, open in a browser, you will know if the xml if wll formed or not.

          More on this here.. please read al the comments also if nothing helps.


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            pltrogon Level 1

            The XML is well-formed [otherwise it would not have run on localhost, no? In any case, I double-checked:




            and the browser says it's good XML].


            I've been digging through the discussion at that link for the last couple days and haven't found anything particularly helpful [yet].

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              curtis33321 Level 1

              Error 2032 might has well have just been written as "An Error Has Occurred."  It could definitely be a crossdomain issue.  Especially if it works locally.  Crossdomain issues crop up when you serve the swf from a web server url.


              When you say "try to access the application from another computer" what does that mean?  You placed it on a webserver and are trying to load it or have it on a unc path and you are directly calling the swf or what?


              Because, like you said, the xml is well formed, I highly suspect you are trapped in the sandbox.

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                pltrogon Level 1

                Thanks for the reply,


                I'm using a LabVIEW web service and it automatically generates this crossdomain file:




                The Silverlight comments come from LabVIEW... but this looks to be as inclusive a crossdomain file as you can get. However, your diagnosis sounds correct, it definitely still appears to be trapped in the sandbox.


                By "try to access the application" I mean I place the SWF in the webserver and point a browser to the URL. I get the background color loading and then the 2032.

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                  pltrogon Level 1

                  yikes. I clearly got confused there. There is no crossdomain.xml file in the directory. I'll fix this and I expect it will work; thanks for the help.

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                    pltrogon Level 1

                    OK, I have clientaccesspolicy.xml and crossdomainpolicy.xml in the web root:





                    I still got the #2032 error. So, using Wireshark I discovered this problem:




                    After choosing "merge in code" in the library path dialog, I lost my Error #2032. Good, right?


                    Well, now my page shows nothing besides my colored application background. Wireshark shows that my server's response upon page load is 304 Not Modified. This instructs the browser that there is no new data to load... why? The only help I've found online involves caching problems in IE, but this behavior is consistent across IE, Firefox and chrome.




                    [Edit: To be complete, here's what's going on. I'm using an HTTPService to display streaming XML data. The application deploys and runs perfectly on localhost and also when I use my static IP in the URL from my local machine. But when I try to load the URL from another computer, I get the above behavior].