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    20 State Limit


      I am trying out this software. Its easy to use and straight forward. What will prevent me from using it is the 20 State limit.



      I am building a court exhibit that will have over 200 exhibit images. Some, of these images will have roll-overs showing photos.


      My hope was to construct this all in Catalyst. I don’t know any other Flash Program and Catalyst was recommended because of is easy learning curb and relative simplicity .


      My guess is that I will have to build custom components nested in each State. I am not sure how to add the roll over’s for specific exhibits with that does not affect the other images in the Custom Components?



      Is there away to link the output HTML files so I can create a chain of SWF / HTML files and avoid the complexity of using Custom Components?


      Are there other programs that I can use other then Catalyst?


      Imposed limitations like these in software are not logical. To try and figure out how to do the same thing using a more complex tool does not help. I am glad I did not purchase this program and used the trial.


      Thank you for any help.



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          So I placed one image exhibit on State 1. I then made it a custom component.

          I edited the custom component and create additional States within the component. On one of those States I added a roll-over.

          All of it worked.

          My question is what’s the difference in performance if I am still going to add 200 odd exhibits in Custom Component States vs. the main application states?

          Will I run into any performance issues?

          What am I missing or mistakes should I avoid.

          Again, thanks for any help.

          • 2. You are asking the right questions...

            My advise would be to break it down.


            For example on a web-site, one might have 5 pages, you could also have a few catalyst sites...

            But if not, don't fret.


            You have an option on the images to have them outside of your actual catalyst project (linked) or embedded.  Embedded will take longer load times, up front, but liked images will load on activation or presence in a state.  Good practice might be to make all front-page images and a few time-sensitive images embedded, simply so everything starts at the same moment.  Otherwise, you can do lists (google and look for ordered lists) or other ways of managing the images.


            Note that 'buttons' can reveal images etc, like a slide-show, it doesn't HAVE to be based on 'states'.  Also, again, you can have several catalyst projects and link the two creatively to do some more with it all... this would be for a hosted site, no?


            In the beginning especially, parse it down or come with a strategy.  What I find annoying is not realizing little steps and having to repeat them, I imagine the software will start to get some steroids soon, but for now, poke around maybe with beginners book.


            If you are using vector art you can do a lot to optimize it in the layers panels, losing the strike/fill sublayers, which makes them once piece, and this also cuts load time.  Optimizing graphics is one thing that can help a lot, and you can do that with the fly-out obviously. These things are small compared to how you host the images (embedded vs. linked).


            Does this help?