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    Quad Core or i7 better for editing?

    Home 777

      Hi friends,


      I'm looking at getting a new laptop for editing. I am looking at these two i7 processors, and wonder if you can tell me which would be better for Premiere CS5.


      Intel Core i7 740QM Quad Core 1.73 GHz 6 MB


      Intel Core i7 640M 2.8 GHZ, 4 MB, with TurboBoost


      I'm wondering if Premiere is able to fully utilize the Quad Core i7?


      Thanks in advance,


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          JEShort01 Level 4



          Regarding, "can Premiere Pro CS5 fully utilize quad cores", it uses them up quickly and begs for more!


          Neither of the chips you mention would be very strong at all if you are or will be working much with compressed HD formats. Check out the much newer 32nm (faster, more energy efficient) laptop processors from Intel's newer "Sandy Bridge" series including:





          There seems to be good press on this forum for the Sager line of powerful laptops.


          If you feel you must buy from a more common name like Dell, and understand that you will most likely pay a lot more, then check out their Gamer's line of laptops (Alienware) or their Precision Mobile workstation line.


          PPBM5 is a great benchmark to compare how well various chips and configurations will run PPro CS5; check out PPBM5.com; Harm and Bill frequent this forum and they are the two great guys who set this benchmark up and support the site - in their spare time!



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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            JEShort01 wrote:

            ..... - in their spare time!



            What spare time?  I am only about 15 days benind in my comments back to users!!!!  Harm is doing a great job keeping up with submissions.



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              Home 777 Level 1

              Hi Jim,


              Thanks so much for your input. This is helpful.


              Are there any laptop manufacturers besides Apple that offer these chips in their machines? I'm considering the new MacBook Pro with the 256MB graphics card... only reason is because it ranks higher than NVidia 512MB equivalents. I can't justify the $400 extra that Apple is charging to bump the card to 1GB.


              Still in the searching mode. : )

              Thanks for your helpful comments.



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                Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3



                The Sager laptops are a better value than the MacBook Pro's.  Just as the new desktop Nvidia cards enable MPE performance gains, the laptop Nvidia cards (they're a different design and less powerful) will work with MPE.  I'm not familiar with the degree of performance improvement with these laptop version Nvidia cards, but whatever you do don't get any laptop with an ATI card.  Perhaps someone else in the forum can recommend an optimal Sager configuration.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  For economic reasons, notebook are always much more expensive than desktops, I would look at Adobe Forums: System requirements for CS5

                  and look at the different categories, maybe give your codecs a little benefit of the doubt. For instance if you intend to edit AVCHD/DSLR material a lot, that would mean difficult codecs, but would possibly move a Sager notebook out of budget range. If you treat these codecs as intermediate, you know you will make concessions on performance, but maybe then it will meet your budget requirements.


                  I agree that Sager/Clevo is about the only notebook worth considering and delivers much more BFTB (Bang for the Buck) than MAC.


                  In specs think about a quad core i7 with hyper threading, as much memory as you can afford and a nVidia 330M+ video card and at least two 7200 internal SATA disks as a starting point

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                    JEShort01 Level 4



                    To add to Harm's list and certainly not as strong in the "bang for the buck" league as Sager, for under $3k US dollars you can configure a Dell Alienware 17X 3d with:

                    - Win7 Pro 64-bit

                    - Intel i7-2820QM (Sandy Bridge)

                    - nVidia GTX 460M video with 1.5GB GDDR5 RAM

                    - 16GB of RAM

                    - 1.5TB RAID 0 drive configuration (2x750GB 7200rpm)

                    - 1920 x 1080 video resolution


                    I'd take this Dell is a heartbeat compared with any Apple laptop I've seen to date to run Premiere Pro CS5 "mobile".


                    The latest breed of laptops are pretty strong in all the important areas, and much better than the best available just one year ago.


                    This Dell has a decent CPU (8 threads w/ 4 cores and hyperthreading, 3.4GHz turbo mode, 8MB cache), lots of RAM, and a pretty decent drive configuration for a laptop.


                    Adding a G-RAID mini 1TB and running it through the eSATA port could make any of these already strong laptops even a bit stronger and balanced for PPBM5.



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                      Home 777 Level 1

                      Thanks, Jim, Harm, and Chuck. Your comments are very helpful. Chuck, I didn't realize that even nVidia cards that are not MPE-endorsed are still better than ATI. I liked the HP Dv6 15" laptops for a lot of reasons (those Sandy Bridge chips are one of them), but it has a low res 1366x768 screen and an ATI card. I am looking at a Sager with a 460M. The only things with them is battery life, the boat anchor power adapter, and what seems to be a very heavy unit... I'm used to a MacBook Pro that totes pretty easily.


                      Thanks for your inputs!


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                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant


                        I have abstracted out the laptops from our PPBM5 testing results  Take a look at this separate page on PPBM5 Laptops.  It might give you some other candidates. Unfortunately, none of the tested laptops are from the Sandy Bridge generation.  Ideally you would like a laptop that has the fastest processor you can afford, can handle two drives and at least 12 GB or more RAM,


                        I would like to point out that the entry by MillwardBrown would be about 200 seconds better if he had only updated the "cuda_supported_cards.txt" file to take advantage of his FX 3800M graphics card.

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                          JEShort01 Level 4

                          Nice laptop query Bill!


                          Will this be updated in the future, or did you manually create this page just this time?




                          PS - JasonM's laptop seems to be missing from the list (Dell Latitude e6500 laptop)

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                            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant



                            I did manually create it.  Harm has the magic fingers when it comes to Excel, the conversion to html, then using Dreamweaver and restoring all the links is a nightmare.  Unfortunately, we at this time are continuously getting many new and updated entries and adding all the data and links is getting to be a full time job.


                            Thanks for the proof reading, I will go back and add and update as soon as I get some time.  I know there is at least one addition beyond my error.


                            P.S. I just checked and in the past month I have had a total of 115 new results/emails in and out on PPBM5.!

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                              Home 777 Level 1

                              Hi Bill,

                              Thanks so much! This is very helpful and gives some additional good ideas to explore.

                              I really appreciate everyone's help.