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    Error Message on AE Launch


      I'm using a brand new Adobe Master Collection, not an upgrade. I keep getting this error: After Effects error: invalid DICT array size ( 83 :: 2 ) at the launch of

      AE. I tried troubleshooting removing fonts, using Font Finagler (SP?), uninstalling/reinstall etc., advice that I got on another Adobe Help Forum, all to no avail. I read somewhere else that the software machines servers/software engineers or wizards (for all I know), might think I'm running a trial version, which I AM NOT and this is why I'm getting an error message. That forum also said help desk in India was not very helpful. As I HATE HATE HATE talking to customer service reps, I felt this was my last option. After nearly 13 years of using Adobe products, I've NEVER had problems EVER troubleshooting fixes. This sucks.


      I'm running Mac, Snow Leopard 10.6.6, MacBook Pro (Intel Core). Help would be greatly appreciated.