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    Cant figure out how to use <aside>




      I made it all the way to my content block using the <section> tag. But everyting went wrong when I tried to implement the <aside> tag


      Im also not sure if I have the structure correct.


      Please look at the code if you can and steer me in the right direction.


      Thanks in advance.





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          phreaddee123 Level 2

          yeah, not exactly 100%,


          Line 59, Column 15: Stray end tag hgroup.

          Line 110, Column 6: Stray end tag div.


          you are also using too many excessive divs that in a sense defeat the purpose of using new markup styles.


          the whole point of it is to simplify it and make it flow more semantically.


          for example a site could be something like this



          <div id="wrapper">

          <header> <h1> tagline </h1> </header>

          <nav> <ul><li>........</li></ul></nav>

          <section id="content">


          <h2> page header</h2>

          <h3> sub heading</h3>


          <article id="example1">page content</article>

          <article id="example2">page content</article>


          <aside>content kind of related to the main content</aside>

          <footer>copyright notice, sitemap etc</footer>




          notice, I only used one DIV (the wrapper)...
          if you are going to use html5's new elements then it will require some shifting away from using divs for 
          everything. find out what element could actually go in instead of a DIV...

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