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    OS X - replacing file - permissions issue


      The issue is that when I attempt to overwrite an existing "saved" file PrE tells me I don't have permission.



      Created a project and exported it using the share>For computers option.

      Then edited the file and attempted to export it again using the same setup as before and saving it to the same folder, with the same filename. My assumption was that the original file would be overwritten.

      As expected I rec'd a message asking if I wanted to replace the original file, clicked on Okay and got a message back saying I didn't have permission to replace this file.

      The information panel, in the finder, tells me that I'm authorized to read and write this file - so I assume I can replace it.

      I worked around the problem by changing the file name but this should be unnecessary.



      This looks suspiciously like an ongoing permissions problem that PrE 9 appears to have. When I first installed the software I could not get it working. It turned out that I had to activate it from an admin account and then go back to the user account. Simple as that sounds it took a lot of work to get a solution.

      I have the impression that PrE 9 has problem working at the user account level.



      Does anyone know of a way around this permissions issue when trying to replace existing files?