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    OpenGL vs "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously"

    gidgiddonihah13 Level 1

      My first post on these forums (Like to learn on my own ).  This question(s) accually has to do more with RAM and rendering in general.


      1.) Is OpenGL rendering faster (With a GTX 460) or is Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously faster (Athlon II x3 445)?  I read on one of the FAQ that you can only use one or the other.


      2.) After Effects will stop rendering with at least 10-20% RAM still left over and even call it complete.  Why is this?  I have tried every setting in the book and I can't get it to use any more RAM.  Also in the Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously section I can't get the RAM avalaible for AE over 2.5GB.


      3.) What is the difference between the space bar and the 0 key?  As they both seem to do the same thing, and niether get very far into the movie before stopping.


      My System:

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

      AMD Athlon II x3 445 3.1Ghz

      GTX 460 OC'ed

      4GB 1600 RAM

      Small Boot Drive SSD


      This movie is really large (3000x2200ish), but should be able to render further along than it is (Less than 4 sec and 25% left over RAM)...


      Thanks Ahead