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    Just my observation/potential problem




      Just thought I'd throw in my oppinion/problem/observation.


      I have a Mac Mini Server C2D 2.66Ghz, 4 GB of Ram etc.... Turntables, DJ Mixer, Apogee Duet


      When recording DJ mixes in 96khz 24bit, in classic/edit view, the time seems to get a bit delayed/slow when it gets to around 1hr 15 mins onwards, I'm not sure if it would crash a bit more after that, I haven't tried to find out, just so I don't loose what I've recorded but it might be an issue.


      Maybe the computer can't handle long recording sessions at 96khz of over an hour ?


      Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents worth in.



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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          Remember that Audition actually saves the file as 32 bit. Are you recording in stereo or mono, in Edit or Multitrack view? In stereo this equates to around 2.5GB per hour. There is a limit on the size of audio files that can be saved in one go.



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            _colin_ Adobe Employee

            Hi There -


            Thought I'd chime in here. We have made some great improvements in the area of recording and memory managment since the beta release, so expect the final release to be more effecient in that respect, especially in multi-track recording. Additionally, the other person who responded re: certain file size limits is also very spot on and it's something to pay attention to. However, assuming you're recording stereo off the Duet straight in to 24bit, you can expect to get reasonable lengths without crazy load. Of course your machine and hard drive have to be able to handle the throughput of the datarate required to move the audio from interface to disk too, so make sure you're recording 96k/24bit straight through from interface to session/file so you're not resampling (thus taking CPU and memory).