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    PS CS5 crashing in 64bit mode


      Occasionally - without any obvious reasons, I experience that PhotoShop crashes after a few seconds when I start it in 64bit mode. No problems in 32 bit mode though. Is there a solution to this? (And do forgive the norwegian language in the crashreport)



      Adobe Photoshop CS5


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      21.02.2011 09:34


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      Bane til programmet med feil:    C:\Program Files\Adobe\CS5\Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 Bit)\Photoshop.exe


      Problemhendelsesnavn:    APPCRASH
      Programnavn:    Photoshop.exe
      Tidsstempel for program:    4d035d7d
      Navn på feilmodul:    StackHash_0ea5
      Feilmodulversjon:    6.1.7600.16695
      Tidsstempel for feilmodul:    4cc7b325
      Unntakskode:    c0000374
      Unntaksforskyvning:    00000000000c6ab2
      OS-versjon:    6.1.7600.
      ID for nasjonal innstilling:    1044
      Tilleggsinformasjon 1:    0ea5
      Tilleggsinformasjon 2:    0ea5cb7e14c1533fb063e095d93a6724
      Tilleggsinformasjon 3:    fc3d
      Tilleggsinformasjon 4:    fc3de4fff303d7ec9d8ac6f57144a00c

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That's of no use to anyone without some information about your system...



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            frodemikal Level 1

            sorry my bad...


            Laptop: HP Elitebook Mobile Workstation

            OS: Windows 7 Enterprise

            CPU: Intel Core i7 CPU Q 820 @ 1.73GHz 1.73GHz

            RAM: 8GB


            Do let me know if you need any additional information

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Common general advice for crashes is to check your drivers and application to make sure they're fully up to date.  I see you do have the 12.0.3 Photoshop software.


              Is your display driver up to date?  Visit the web site of the maker of your display adapter (video card) or laptop maker to see.  Photoshop does some probing to determine the OpenGL capabilities during startup, and an OpenGL bug in the display driver may be a problem.


              I don't know what display adapter you have in your system, but if it's based on an Intel GPU the Intel display drivers aren't always the best for Photoshop.


              One thing you can do to furhter help diagnose problems with the display driver (and assuming you can bring up Photoshop at all) is to go into Edit - Preferences - Performance and temporarily disable OpenGL by unchecking the [ ] Enable OpenGL Drawing setting.  Photoshop will have to be shut down and restarted to test this.  There is also a registry tweak that can be done to prevent Photoshop from even trying to access OpenGL at all.


              Adobe has published more information here:  http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/404/kb404898.html