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    Reader X Search doesn't differentiate cached search paths for reselection


      I use the Search quite a bit (or did).


      Specifically the "All PDF Documents in" option, where  the paths of locations that have previously been browsed to are presented for  reuse.

      Previous Reader versions shortened long paths so as  to display the last part of the pathname, which is normally sufficient to  identify the path required.


      X does not, so, with no Tooltip either, it is  now impossible to differentiate paths with common starting paths longer than  that displayed. Update  FAIL.

      Widening the whole search panel does not widen the  field. Update FAIL.


      AND when you start the search you STILL don't get to  actually see what path is being search due to truncation. Again widening the  panel does not widen the fields. Update  FAIL.

      And why can't we have the normal search term field in  the toolbar for seraching the curent document? Although as it took me too long  (I think) to even work out how to get any search button on the toolbar, maybe I  mssed that. Update FAIL (x2).

      And all my old search paths from the previous version  have been binned. Update FAIL again.

      So much for ease of use, do developers actually test  sw "in use" rather than some neatly defined functionallity test scrpit - make  the developers use the product is always a good way to fix this I  find.

      Honestly, if there wasn't enough resource available  in Adobe to sort out this kind of trivial ease-of-use functionallity (that I found in just 5 mins use) then how  can anyone have faith that the serious stuff has been properly  tersted?

      Not a good start for 5 mins use. And I see the  downgrading doesn't work. Stuffed again.