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    lost my TFS CD

      i seem to have misplaced the cd that came with the book. does anyone know where i can find the lesson files for the 'training from the source' book? i cant to move on to other lessons without some of the files in that CD.
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          cheftimo Level 2

          You can contact the publisher, Peachpit Press. I had this same problem a while ago with a Flash TFS book and they were very helpful – they sent me the CD and I don’t think they even charged me for it.

          Alternatively, you can go to
          where you can see the finished project. ViewSource is enabled, so you can download a ZIP folder with the entire project. You will have to modify all the HttpService/RemoteObject paths – a good exercise anyway – but you will have the whole project with certain image paths and other little things that were wrong in the original, already corrected.

          Good luck,

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            unix0405 Level 1
            thank you so much! i will definitely ask for another cd, but in the meantime, you've helped me continue progress while i wait!!