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    HierarchicalCollectionView's constructor

    rgrzywinski Level 1
      Is there any reason that HierarchicalCollectionView's constructor defaults to argOpenNodes=null rather than {}? If you use the default null value (and never set openNodes) then you get RTE's out of calculateLength() and the like. Since _openNodes is assumed to be set throughout why doesn't the constructor default to {}?

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          deepa subramaniam (adobe) Level 2
          HierarchicalCollectionView was purposely kept hidden from documentation because we expected that in the future it would change. We don't expect users to be creating new HierarchicalCollectionView instances themselves. We consider it an implementation detail of the Tree, and not something we wanted to keep supporting. In fact, its likely that it will be replaced by a more robust, documented ICollectionView implementation for hierarchical data in the future.

          That said, it looks like HCV needs some null checks to prevent against the RTE's. For now, you should set openNodes to prevent the RTE's but be aware that HierarchicalCollectionView may change/go away in future releases of Flex.
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            rgrzywinski Level 1
            Unfortunately there's no "dataDescriptor" on AdvancedDataGrid so it seemed that the only way I could get one in there was to use HierarchicalCollectionView and pass it my own IHierarchicalData. I wouldn't know anything about HierarchicalCollectionView if there was an obvious way for me to do all of this =D.

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              flexsam Level 1
              I had logged one bug and one enhancement request regarding this issue - FLEXDMV-945 and FLEXDMV-946. These issues came up mainly keeping in mind the use of HierarchialCollectionView with datavisualization components. Please note that the HierarchicalCollectionView is different from the Tree's HierarchicalCollectionView.
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                rgrzywinski Level 1
                Oh I know they're different. I have been desperately trying to track down a bug I have in a Tree but I really can't since I don't have the source to Tree's HierarchialCollectionView. I thought that I hit the jackpot when it was there on FB3 but all for naught -- there's two different versions of the same thing.

                Thanks for filing the bug + enhancement.

                Could you point me to where one might find and be able to track these bugs / enhancements? Thanks!
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                  Gaurav J Adobe Employee
                  You can track the bugs and enhancements using the public bug system


                  Here are the links for the bug and enhancement related to HierarchicalCollectionView