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    Flex session


      I have 2 mxml files. One is Order Entry screen. When a user enters the order and submits. It goes to the other page to show the m their order, totals etc. But when I come back from the page the main page doesn't hold the sorting , filtering etc.., It just shows a new page. I use Nvaigate_to_URL to return to the page. I have a datagrid in the order entry page which gets populated from the sql server with 2 editable columns so the user can enter the order amount. Also the back button reloads a new page. Is there a session id in flex to keep track of the sessions ? Please help.. I am a newbee..
      Thanks in advance..
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          ntsiii Level 3
          You are not using Flex correctly. In fact, you are losing several prime benefits of a Flex application, including more responsive UI and state retention.

          Do not use navigateToUrl. Instead, use the built-in navigation containers like ViewStack, which I would advise for your login situation. In Flex, you typically never reload the page.

          Flex apps do not need "sessions" because they can maintain state on the client.

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            ntsiii Level 3
            A further note:

            You can keep the login and other views in separate mxml files. Just don't use mx:Application as the root tag (Canvas is a good alternative), in then use them as components in your ViewStack.