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    Cut and Paste from Reader to Outlook

    John Feehan



      Here is my problem - hopefully someone can help me out with a solution


      I have had a flyer designed by someone which is essentially in 2 parts - an image at the top and some narrative at the bottom. It has been converted from Corel Draw into a .pdf file

      I want to send it out in the body of an email (not as an attachment)

      I have tried to cut and paste it into the body of the email but only the image gets copied and not the narrative.

      When I try to select the full area by going to the top left and thenleft click and hold and drag the range down to the bottom right it all appears to be selected as it all goes into shadow - however when I release the left mouse button the area in shadow jumps back so that it only covers the image part and not the narrative part.


      Any help gratefully received...Regards....John