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    Problem with my button

    unamus3d Level 1

      I have a button(movieclip button) that expands and displays extra things like a box next to it with pictures in.


      i have roll on and roll off code for the button so it glows and then returns to normal.


      intelbtn.onRollOver = function()

      { intelbtn.gotoAndPlay('over');}


      this is the code for the roll on state.^



      when i click it goes to and plays 'click' which is an animation that expands and such. if i take my mouse off the area which expands out of the button or the button it removes the information and plays the roll off state, if i put it back in the area it plays the roll on state and flickers alot.


      How do i stop this (with out disabling the mouse completely because i have a close button which im wanting to click to close and return to original button state)