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    Adobe Flash player has hijacked my pc.


      Each time I try to play a video or audio, I receive a message that tells me to

      download the Flash player in order to watch/listen.  I want to use Windows Media Player for these purposes.

        What gives?  Does anyone know how I can get around this problem?  I have just reformatted my hard drive, re-installe

      d the O/S and Windows 7.  I never had the

      se messages pop-up before my pc crashed; now they are ubiquitous.  I attempted to wor

      k it out with a customer service rep via text/chat, to no avail.  He said I would have to use email from another section to get the situation fixed.


      Bottom line: I do not want to use Adobe Flash player on my 64-bit pc.  Can anyone tell me how to get around it?  Thanks very much.  Bob