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    Problem opening pdf's with one user




      We deployed adobe reader X on a terminal server 2008 with about 10 users, which login directly via an rdp session (no broker).

      With one user, we have the problem that when she tries to open a pdf (either directly, in a browser, from outlook, whichever),

      then the adobe reader program appears in the taskbar and then the program is gone. We tried the following things


      - Kill the adobe reader process

      - Repair adobe reader using the software install tool

      - Downgrade to adobe reader 9.4.1 by uninstalling X and installing 9.4.1 (a version which is used extensively without problems at another customer)

      - Delete the terminal server roaming profile and create a new one in active directory on the domain controller.


      Other users have no problem with this and a testuser with the same rights (copy function in AD) does not have this issue.

      Every time we apply one of the above solutions, it works for 15 minutes and then we are back to the original symptoms.

      The adobe reader process seems to be still active after you close a document and after it stops working.


      Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this permanently?