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    Flash builder 4 compiler really slow


      A few months ago I went to a presentation where the speaker said one reason to switch to Flex 4 right away was that the compiler was way faster.  I'm not seeing that at all, I'm seeing it slower than Flex 3.


      I have 3 projects.  One is a "flex project" and the other two are "flex library project".  The main one references the other two.  Whenever I have a compile error in a source file, the GUI shows 3 copies of the same error message.  I'm wondering if maybe things are somehow getting compiled 3 times and that's why it's so slow.


      Also I tried the solution mentioned in this article but I don't think it helped.

      http://yerii.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/why-has-flex-sdk-4-x-x-become-sluggish-for-some-and- how-you-can-get-it-rolling-again/


      I'm using Flash Builder 4 on a Mac.  Separate, not the Eclipse plugin, although one of my co-workers uses the Eclipse plugin and sees the same problems.


      Any ideas how to speed up the compiler?   Thanks.