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    Slow index rendering




      Using RoboHelp 8.0.2 to create WebHelp using the FrameMaker integration.


      The output opens in a frameset with Contents, Index and Search available in the left pane.


      When I view the WebHelp output in Firefox 3.6.15, the Index renders slowly. If I open it and scroll down quickly, I see acres of white space with no entries. If I type in a letter and click Go, often I see nothing but white space. If I open the index (or refresh) and scroll down slowly, it renders properly but I can see the entries loading. It's a pretty large index but nothiing unually large.


      The same Index viewed in Internet Explorer 8 renders quickly and correctly.


      Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know the cause, or a remedy?




      Roger Shuttleworth

      London, Canada