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    Text Field size (Description Data)




      I'm new to LiveCycle and I have looked all over but not been able to find how or if its possible to verify the length/height of a text field. let me explain. I'm using an xml and js web system to export data from a database and create a pdf report. This is working just fine no problems with this however i have a description field that can be anything from 1 to 4000 characters. I have other data items that follow this field so I do not want to make the box fit the max size or line numbers as this will leave massive gaps when only short descriptions are used. I would like to set the box to a small size and have it adjust depending on the amount of data passed within the field from the database record.



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          pguerett Level 6

          You are describing the behaviour of a dynamic form. The form must be setup the correct way before this will work the way you want. The root subform must be flowed (you can still have Positioned subforms inside of the flowed container) and the field that you want to allow to grow must have the "Expand to Fit"  in the Y direction checkbox set on in the Layout palette for that object. If the expanding field is in a subform of its own that subform must be set to flowed as well.


          If you look at the samples that ship with the product the Dynamic Interactive Purchase Order has a good example of this. Pay particular attention to the comments field on the form. If you add content that is bigger than the box provided it grows to allow for the new content and will also push the content that is below it lower.


          Hope that helps