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    Localization in Flex 3

    cheftimo Level 2
      Hello, Adobe gurus:

      I just installed FB3 Beta 1, where my main interest right now is in the new localization features.

      In Release Notes > Documentation it is stated: “The Flex Builder online Help is not yet updated. For updated documentation, use LiveDocs or the download ZIP file.”. I tried the FB3 LiveDocs, where any search yields zero results – even a search for ‘component’ resulted in zero.

      Also, it turns out these LiveDocs are NOT updated: I located the ‘Localization’ subject by looking through the table of contents. In Localizing Flex Applications > About localized Flex applications, the first paragraph ends with “Flex supports static inclusion of localized resources, but not dynamic retrieval of resources at run time.” But the whole new feature is exactly about the now available support for runtime language switching. It then shows the exact same pages from the FB2 help files.

      Unzipping the download ZIP file results in a folder that contains 6 PDF files, 4 of them about flex3, with nothing to relate them to each other, like an index page or something similar. What are we supposed to do, look through all 4 files to find something?

      Sorry boys, but I feel like I am back in Colombia, where everything is done half-AS3. This is actually an insult.

      So, perhaps someone can take the time to address some questions here in the forum, answers to which, several developers may find useful:

      1. Will FB3 have some way of compiling Resource Modules, or will it still have to be done through command-line tools? It seems reasonable to expect the ability to do these things through the IDE and not have to use ‘mxmlc’

      2. In FB3, just before the button to run the application being worked on, is a new button tooltipped as ‘Create database accessor’. Can you tell us a little bit about what it does and how it works?

      3. I have been examining the two FlightReservation sample apps provided with the article on the new localization features. App ‘FlightReservation2’ contains two files called ‘buildResourceModules.bat’ and ‘buildResourceModules.sh’ – almost identical, they look like they are meant for creating Resource Modules (see question 1). What is the difference between ‘.bat’ and ‘.sh’ and how are these files used?

      Finally, when are we going to get some decent documentation?

      Adobe, are you re-defining the meaning of “beta”?

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          Jason Szeto Level 3
          Thank you for pointing out that the search functionality on LiveDocs is broken. I'll notify the appropriate people.

          Here are answers to a couple of your questions:

          1. Currently FlexBuilder support for compiling Resource Modules is not on the list of features for Flex 3. However, we may reconsider getting this in for this release or the subsequent one. We have published the road map for the SDK and Flex Builder in order to obtain feedback from our users. Here's a link to the one for Flex Builder: http://flexwiki.adobe.com/confluence/display/ADOBE/Flex+Builder+3+Planning

          3. I believe the .sh file is used for a BASH shell (ex. Cygwin) and the .bat file is used from a DOS prompt or from windows explorer.

          As far as documentation, please bear with us as some of these features were developed weeks before the Beta and some are still being worked on. If you find that the documentation is lacking in some parts, please file an enhancement request for Flex Documentation. Please be specific about what type of information you are looking for and what kinds of samples would be useful.


          And yes, we are re-defining the meaning of "beta". Based on feedback from our customers, we are striving to have more frequent Betas and start them at an earlier phase in the release. We appreciate all of your feedback. Please keep it coming.
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            Hello, Jason:

            Glad to see a response to this post. Frankly, I was a little ticked off to see so many broken things in this FB3 Beta, which I have been awaiting for a while.

            I am also happy to see that you took it the way it was intended, in spite of my harsh language. It’s not my intention to pick a fight - I have been an Allaire-Macromedia and now Adobe loyal fan for several years, just don’t like the feeling of disappointment.

            Thank you, too, for addressing my questions specifically.

            One more thing: I am studying the FlightReservation sample apps and know I will have a lot more questions in the near future. Is there someone to communicate with specifically about these sample apps more directly, or is this forum the best place for that?

            Best regards,

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              Jason Szeto Level 3

              Please file any issues you have in our bugbase. https://bugs.adobe.com/flex/
              We have exposed the contents of our bugbase so that you can track issues and find out if your issues have already been filed.

              This forum is the official location to communicate any Flex 3 related issues.